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We help your team secure the entire company. No hiring, no consultants.


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Begin protecting your company today. No need for consultants or sales teams or 6 month timelines and project plans. We lay it out for you.


Made for everyone

Secure Kit helps even non-technical team members secure your company. An Executive Assistant, Sales Team, or IT - all now have the power.


Let us do the Hard stuff

Compliance? PCI or other buzz words. Secure Kit helps guide your team without consultants.

What does Secure Kit do?

Focus on your work, not security

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Start Today

Take immediate and highly impactful action, today. Not months or quarters down the road.

Expert Guidance

Formed from experience in leading security teams at both Fortune 5 and Startup companies. Guidance is from expert level knowledge formed from industry certification practice (CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

Spend Wisely

CISO's and consultants can each cost your company Hundreds of Thousdands of dollars. Secure Kit helps your company protect itself without hiring or consultants.


People Secure Kit

“A client used Secure Kit as they were seeking investment from a well known VC firm. As part of due diligence, the company's cybersecurity due diligence score ratings heavily influenced valuation and investment - the deal outcomes. Prior to the Series B investment of over $12M+, the company used Secure Kit for their PCI Level 1 Audit (the highest level PCI certification for more than 300,000 annual credit card charges), their mobile NESA forensic certification, custom hardware chip security review, company governanace, and Company Board risk assurredness.”

Chris Bond, Founder

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